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CBD/THC 35:1 Premium Cannabis Soft Gel Capsules (60 ct)

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Soft gels are smooth, easy to swallow capsules filled with our signature whole plant CBD extract. No mess, no fuss, just take with water as you would any capsule or pill.

~Precise Dose and Long Lasting~

Consistent dosing is simple, accurate and done for you. With 50mg+ of CBD in each soft gel capsule, there’s no guesswork involved. Plus, the slower release due to passing through the stomach/gut may cause longer lasting effects. 

~Flavorless but Not Plain!~

For those who prefer a flavor-free experience or simply want to save their palate for enjoying a tincture, this is your best choice. Our soft gel capsules may look simple but they’re packed with well over 50 mg (57, actually) of the most potent and purest CBD oil for your comfort and well-being.


Inactive ingredients: Organic MCT oil. Soft gels (bovine gelatin, glycerin, purified water).

Active ingredients: CBD (Cherrywine variety). See lab report for specific details regarding cannabinoids and terpenes.


CBD soft gel capsules are simple and convenient to use. Portable, pre-measured and easy to swallow, they may be used 1-2 times a day. Use daily for best results. 

Our 60 count bottle has over 3,000 mg of CBD. Used consistently, it’s a 1-2 month supply.

Keep in mind, unlike tincture or CBD oil drops, soft gel capsules pass through the digestive system before being released into the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This may mean a slower release as well as longer lasting effects. 

If faster intake is desired, consider using tincture

Additionally, consider topical use of tincture or CBD Roll-On for precision application where desired. 

Soft gel capsules offer easy absorption and a full body experience. 

See our Soft Gel Capsules Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Always consult your cannabis aware healthcare provider if you are concerned about interactions with your other medications and/or supplements.


9 reviews for CBD/THC 35:1 Premium Cannabis Soft Gel Capsules (60 ct)

  1. Richelle T. (verified owner)

    Thanks Steve

  2. Bob L. (verified owner)

  3. Bob L. (verified owner)

  4. Niki K. (verified owner)

    My doctor recommended CBD for me but I’ve been hesitant because I can’t stand the taste. Little did I know they make it in capsule form. The price may seem steep but after running out for a week I can say it’s absolutely worth it. Speaking of running out for a week, I got next day delivery. Will definitely be getting a subscription so it doesn’t happen again and I can save some money.

  5. Benjamin Gonzalez (verified owner)

  6. Timothy (verified owner)

    Very good product easy to swallow and powerful CBD!

  7. Renee Reisinger (verified owner)

    Excellent for daytime micro dosing. Decreases stress and anxiety. Calming effect! Highly recommend, this product!

  8. Bob L. (verified owner)

    Easy way to get your cbd.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love these, easy to take on the go and great for travel when you don’t want an excess of liquids!

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