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7 Things You Ought To Know About CBD Soft Gel Capsules Q & A

A CBD capsule, also known as a soft gel capsule, is much like any other capsule. The easy to swallow, soft gel lining is filled with CBD extract and carrier oil, Organic MCT oil in our case, to a desired measure, hermetically sealed and packaged for consumers. Our Soft Gel CBD capsules contain 50+ mg of CBD and approximately 61 mg of total cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum, whole plant extracted CBD is almost universally considered to be best. Full Spectrum is believed to be more beneficial than Broad Spectrum and/or Isolate because of the “Entourage Effect” wherein all the cannabinoids and terpenes naturally occurring in the plant work synergistically for optimal results. Look for details regarding CBD and other cannabinoids in the capsules on the product label. Also, see a verified 3rd party lab report for additional information if desired.

CBD soft gel capsules allow a person to take a specific dose of CBD oil in an easy to swallow, convenient and portable way. Individuals may prefer this method of delivery for its lack of taste or flavor and because the task of measuring a portion is eliminated. CBD soft gels do what CBD and other cannabinoids do in the body once interacting with your cannabinoid receptors via your Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

Yes- CBD capsules are effective. They work with your body’s ECS- a system of receptors found throughout the body, brain and skin. During the digestive process, the soft gel releases its contents and the CBD is distributed through the body after passing through the stomach/gut. 

It depends on an individual’s digestive system but typically, it takes 1-2 hours for CBD consumed this way to pass from the stomach into the body’s receptor system. For faster effects, consider a tincture and/or a topical CBD.

The duration of the effects depends on a person’s individual metabolism, their condition(s), the amount of CBD and other cannabinoids they’ve consumed and other individual considerations. Typically, the effects of CBD soft gel capsules are longer lasting and distributed throughout the body. Unlike a topical or tincture applied directly to a specific location, when CBD is consumed by mouth versus sublingually, it is distributed more slowly, lasts longer but is less targeted and takes longer to start working.

Like most things, personal preference tends to guide decision making for the most part. In this case, CBD soft gel capsules are a great option for people who prefer not to take a tincture daily or who like to take their CBD with other vitamins, supplements, medications, etc. as part of their established routine. Also, CBD consumption doesn’t need to be interpreted as a “one-size-fits all” practice. CBD Soft Gels may be used in conjunction with tinctures, topicals, smokeables and beyond. The idea is for each individual to experiment with the product and/or combination of products as well as consumption methods that they prefer and find most beneficial for their needs. As always, start low and slow, monitor your progress, be consistent in your usage and you’re sure to find your personal sweet spot for CBD and all cannabinoids.



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