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Helping others live better is now easier and even more rewarding than ever before!

Sign up now to start earning commissions! 

Helping others live better is now easier and even more rewarding than ever before!

Sign up now to start earning commissions!

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When you become an Affiliate with Walman’s Apothecary, you will earn 20% of all proceeds from sales generated by you.

Sharing your favorite products with friends, family and your community is something you probably already do.

You may not know that your recommendations influence people’s decisions, but they do!

That’s because they trust your judgment, style and taste. Maybe it’s your wisdom or knowledge and insight into all things amazing…whatever it is, you’re an influencer.

And, no…this isn’t about flattering you.

It’s simply human nature- we ask people we like and trust for advice and recommendations.

After all, “word of mouth” is the best advertising.

So, think about it, when you share or recommend products you love, you’re helping drive sales of those products (out of the goodness of your own heart).

If you already recommend Walman’s Apothecary products to others, THANK YOU!! We love you!

We want to take that idea one step further by offering you compensation for recommendations that generate sales. Think, big THANK YOU and here’s 20% for you because you earned it!

Yes- just by recommending the best CBD and terpene rich tinctures, topicals and other favorites you can earn money in addition to the eternal gratitude of people whose lives you improve.

Of course, gratitude may be enough of a reward. We love that mindset and we’ve got you covered!

You have the option of donating your proceeds to the organization of your choice. Sharing is caring, and we make it easy for you to be generous!

If you’re ready to start earning by sharing the benefits of Walman’s Apothecary Cannabis Products cannabinoid and terpene rich, with federally legal low THC levels to optimize the benefits for people and pets of all ages, sign up to be an Affiliate today. It’s super easy, here’s a link:

Sign up today and start growing with us!

And remember, all you have to do is share or recommend us, we do the rest!

Affiliate FAQs

People join Walman’s Apothecary Affiliate Program to earn commissions for referring customers to

Sign up here, get approved, start sharing your referral code. It’s that easy!
No- you have unlimited earning potential! This program is designed without a ceiling so you can earn as much money as you like. Earn commissions on each of your customers for life.
Your commission will be deducted from your account automatically.

Your personal information is kept private and not shared with anyone outside of Walman’s Apothecary. Read our privacy policy here: Privacy Policy.

Commissions are currently paid via check on a monthly basis.

A flat rate of 20% on each total sale by every customer you refer for life. For more information, refer to the Affiliate Dashboard.

Once you have access to your affiliate dashboard, you will have a custom referral URL and a QR code to share with people.

Once a customer visits using your personal referral link, that customer is yours for life. Any purchase they make, at any time, is credited to you and you will be paid a commission on the sale. You will be notified when someone uses your link/QR code and you’ll have access to your network on your Affiliate Dashboard.

Yes. Login to the Affiliate Dashboard and on the left side click on “Creatives”