Your Pet’s
Choice for CBD

There’s absolutely nothing you won’t do to keep your pets healthy and happy. At Max & Steven’s, we feel the same way. We believe our furry companions should be able to enjoy the same benefits of CBD that we do.

Why CBD for Pets?

Pet lovers find that CBD can help animals just like it helps humans: with pain, anxiety, arthritis, digestive disorders, mood issues and general quality of life.

They Deserve the Best

Our drops deliver the whole plant just as nature intended: certified by third-party labs, proven safe, free from heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and solvents.

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Luigi “Shorty” Rossi

Star of Animal Planet’s Pit Boss

“When you care about dogs like I do, you want them to have the very best. That’s why I use Max & Steven’s CBD oil to keep my guys happy and healthy.”

Suggested Serving Sizes for Pets

Premium Hemp Extract for Pets

Full Spectrum CBD Drops
$ 44 10 ML Bottle
  • Premium Hemp Extracts
  • Full Spectrum
  • Lab Tested
  • 500 MG

a little more about us

We are Max and Steven and we believe that everyone deserves superior quality hemp products, just as nature intended. Our commitment to helping you and your loved ones on the path to healing is our mission and always will be.

We’d ask you to trust us on this, but hey, we’d rather you decide for yourself.